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Passport / ID photo

Photo shoot services available for all purposes                                                                 (passport/  Visa/ License/ Resume)


photo printing

We provide photo printing in all various sizes. 


Scanning of documents and photos into digital copy.                                                    Bulk quantities are welcome with special prices .                                                          Email us for a quote. 

Document printing

Printing of documents in colour or black & white


Lamination of photos, documents, certificates up to A3 size.

customised Frames

We do provide customized framing services with various designs cater to your needs (Photo, certificate, drawing, painting etc )



Film Cameras

Film cameras capture timeless memories and offer a special way to reminisce about the past. With a range of colors available, they allow you to express creativity and showcase personality while making a fashion statement. In short, film cameras are more than just a device for taking photos - they reflect your style and character.


Personalize your home or office decor with custom frames that enhance your memories or artwork. With various sizes, colors, and textures available, you can create a unique frame that matches your style. Custom frames not only showcase your pictures but protect them from environmental factors such as sunlight, dust, and moisture, ensuring their longevity. With our expert and affordable custom framing services, trust us to create the perfect home for your cherished moments. Contact us today to bring your pictures or artwork to life with custom frames.


Kodak Colourplus, Kodak Gold and Kodak Ultramax are available for sale.