Who we are....

Mdm Tan Ah Kuai started this brick-and-mortar store in the 1990s, provide solely processing and printing of films and negatives. Film cameras are the only gadgets to be used in capturing our sweetest memories during that time. Mid-year and final year school holidays were our busiest working periods in the shop, processed an average of 600 to 700 rolls daily. The joyful and satisfied expressions of our customers always made our day.

Our merchandise products are sourced through serious and careful comparison with quality control. For personal use or corporate events, we sincerely welcome all enquiries and feedbacks in order to continuing improve our services for you.

A milestone in photographic history is the establishment of a ‘digital path’ from the 1990s onwards. Digital photo processing applications made the actual printing of images redundant for professional studio photographers, photojournalists, fashion photographers and artists, as they could now simply scan images directly into a design. Soon, these professionals were not even using film anymore, digital cameras allowed for the exposure on photographic film to be omitted from the photographic process. Instead, images were digitized and stored on the go, ready for processing, viewing, digital publishing or printing.

Along the way, we changed our business model into digital photo printing using the latest technology. Photo printings has evolved into creative ways to showcase your precious memories. From poster collage to metal printing, we are committed to provide our valued customers with our best service till satisfaction.